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The 2022-2023 GRiT Ambassador Application has closed and your new 2022-2023 GRiT Ambassadors will be announced soon!! Stay Tuned!

  • What Is GRiT?

    Arkansas GRiT girls love to have fun on bikes! As a part of NICA, we are on NICA teams and some of us may get a bit competitive at times, but at GRiT events, we just have fun!

    We love to laugh, eat ice cream, try new things, work on bike skills with just girls and ride our bikes to fun places. Official GRiT events happen once a month, but you will find GRiT girls at NICA races, practices, hangouts or even just around town. Come join us!

  • How Does GRiT Work?

    Getting more girls on bikes across the state of Arkansas is a BIG job and it takes LOTS of leaders! Here is the break down of who is doing what across GRiT in Arkansas to help provide amazing fun events for all the girls in NICA! If you want to get involved with us, let us know!

    GRiT Leadership - Haley TranumJen Brazil and Patty Valencia are the names you will find behind most of the GRiT statewide events. If you ever have any questions about GRiT, reach out to us!

    GRiT Mentors - Adult women across the state of Arkansas who will be assigned an ambassador as a mentee. These mentors will meet with their ambassador once a week and will be helping them grow in leadership skills to grow up to be amazing adult female leaders (that love to ride bikes)! We will only be accepting the number of ambassadors as we have mentors so the more mentors we have, the more ambassadors we can get! GRiT mentors do not have to be associated with a NICA team. If you are not a part of a NICA team already, we will help you get added to the Pit Zone as a part of GRiT so you can be all approved and ready to participate (safety first, you understand!) Applications to be a mentor are found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciQ8c6TRSnh3dbxGN-FfK73QIeC1E6Axh0OtHlG6LDmVaPrg/viewform. Applications end at the end of February!

    GRiT Volunteers - These women love GRiT but they are just too busy with their own NICA teams to do much more than with their own team. Maybe they are a NICA coach or maybe they are a NICA parent, but they only want to participate in GRiT statewide events in the volunteer way such as - bringing drinks/snacks to a skills clinic, helping with rides, transporting bikes, etc. Note, this volunteer position is for large GRiT statewide events, this does not pertain to the team level events. If you want to sign up to be a statewide GRiT volunteer, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciQ8c6TRSnh3dbxGN-FfK73QIeC1E6Axh0OtHlG6LDmVaPrg/viewform

    GRiT Coaches - GRiT coaches are on the team level. They are working within their team to get more girls as a part of their team, lead fun girl events on their team and support the girl riders on their team! You CAN be a GRiT Coach as well as a GRiT Mentor or GRiT Volunteer. It all just depends on your time availability. If you want to be a GRiT coach, please talk to your NICA team head coach. The GRiT Staff will be hosting a monthly GRiT coaching call so we can all get together and talk about what all you guys are doing. This call will probably start around April.

    GRiT Ambassadors - A small select number of 11th and 12th grade female students who will be working with a mentor to grow in leadership skills and get more girls on bikes! We even have a Junior Ambassador program for 10th grade girls.