Scholarship Fund

The Idaho High School Cycling League is committed to making sure every student-athlete and coach have the opportunity to participate in all events, regardless of their financial situation. Thank you to the many league donors and the NICA Booster Fund for contributing to the league’s scholarship fund.

Program overview and guidelines:

Due to the limited amount of scholarship funds, we would like to ensure that the riders, coaches or volunteers who receive financial support commit to participation in ALL five (5) races of the 2014 season. If awarded a scholarship, you or your student-athlete should be prepared to write a letter explaining how the scholarship benefited all involved. Identity will be kept confidential at your request.

Student-Athletes: Scholarships are available for race and camp registration or monetary grants to pay for the purchase of or overhaul of cycling equipment including bikes, helmets, shoes, tools, pedals, or other related equipment that can be purchased in a bike shop. Funds may also be used for travel to/from a race or camp.

Coaches: Scholarships are available for Leaders’ Summit fees as well as NICA coaching licensing fees or monetary grants to pay for travel expenses to races, trainings, and other league related events. Stipends may also be used towards travel to first-aid/CPR training or participation in relevant continuing education courses as well as towards coaching related equipment.

Teams: Scholarships are available for team fees and monetary grants towards travel expenses associated with attending the league races. Travel expenses include cost for fuel, rental vehicle and/or camping/lodging. Grants may also be used towards costs associated with team equipment that is used to help create a space for the team at the races and maintenance or purchase of (e.g., pop-up tents, banners, bike stand, repair stands, spare bike parts, teams bikes, etc.).

Application deadline: August 31, 2014

How to apply for a scholarship:


  1. Download the Scholarship Application (PDF)
  2. Save to your computer, open and complete
  3. Save again and then email to


  1. Download the Scholarship Application (PDF)
  2. Print out and complete
  3. Mail to: Idaho High School Cycling League | 10115 E Bell Rd | Ste 107, #210 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260