Team Racing Apparel Policy


COACHES: Please review the following policy before placing an order for your team racing apparel.

The ultimate goal of the Idaho League is to establish mountain bike racing as a “real” high school sport in the near future. Jerseys or uniforms in varsity sports like football, cross country or baseball don’t have sponsors’ logos or company names featured. We want student-athletes to build pride in their teams by representing their schools or communities, and not be subject to any commercialization of the sport.

The policy of the Idaho League is to have only high school names, area names, logos and/or mascots featured on racing apparel (jerseys and shorts) used in Idaho League races. No company or manufacturer names or logos other than the apparel manufacturer will be allowed on racing apparel used in Idaho League races. Riders or coaches using racing apparel that violate this policy will be subject to disqualification.

In order to be worn at Idaho League races, all jerseys designs must be submitted for approval by Idaho League Director Mike Perry by emailing the design to


  1. The jersey shown completely contradicts the Idaho League policy by showing sponsor and company logos. Why?
    As a national sponsor, Primal supplies each NICA league with national jerseys modified with the new league’s logo to help build awareness about the new league. These national jerseys, shown above, have logos from the manufacturers and companies that support NICA nationally and are similar to jerseys provided to all other NICA leagues. In addition, in order to get the Idaho League up and running, the League founding committee initiated a partnership with local bicycle manufacturer Pivot Cycles. In exchange for recognition as “Founding League Sponsor,” Pivot agreed to provide significant funds to help acquire the equipment and supplies necessary for operating the league. That Pivot didn’t insist on having its logo on team jerseys is a gracious gesture on its part and shows its dedication to our League. We will be using these jerseys primarily as fundraising, selling to adults, parents, and mountain bikers who will not be participating in the high school league races to advertise our new league. Our goal as we build this Idaho League is for teams to design and wear racing apparel that reflects our “no manufacturer or company logo” policy.
  2. Will there be an official Idaho League jersey?
    Yes. Following NICA protocol, Idaho League will have official league jerseys for sale. These jerseys, made by NICA national sponsor Primal, will feature Pivot Cycles and NICA’s national sponsors. One version of this jersey will be for sale to help raise funds for the Idaho League. See jersey displayed above. A second version of this jersey will be the “Leader Jersey” given to the top scorers in each category. 
  3. What are some jersey options for teams in the Idaho League?
    In bicycle racing, the word “kit” is used to describe the matching jersey and shorts worn by racers. Our teams will have the opportunity to order custom made “kits” from national sponsor  Primal (Primal Jersey Program) Primal, at preferred NICA pricing . Second, there are some options available to teams and individual racers. We’ve listed them here:
    Team specific jerseys – Our teams will have the opportunity to order custom made jerseys or complete “kits” from national sponsor  Primal (Primal Jersey Program), at preferred NICA pricing. (In bicycle racing, the word “kit” is used to describe the matching jersey and shorts worn by racers.) There are also numerous other apparel manufacturers who make custom cycling kits. Your local bike shop may be able to recommend a company that they work with.
    No jersey
     – Jerseys aren’t required, although bike racing jerseys often come with handy pockets in the back for spare tubes, energy bars, etc. You can race in a t-shirt if you choose, however, all team members must wear the same color t-shirt. In addition, t-shirts and shorts won in Idaho League races must meet Idaho League Team Racing Apparel Policy guidelines. You don’t need bike shorts, either, but because they’re heavily padded, we recommend using them. Your local bike shop will have a selection.
  4. Can student athletes race in t-shirts the teams design instead of custom made jerseys?  
    Yes, you can race in t-shirts to save costs. However, the same policy applies – no manufacturer or company logos on t-shirts or shorts worn during the races.
  5. Ordering team jerseys will cost a few bucks. If we can’t sell logo space to companies or manufacturers, how can we raise funds for the team? 
    Not having sponsor logos on the jerseys, which may vary year to year, makes the race wear have a shelf life longer than just one season, thereby reducing the costs to the student-athletes and teams. At the same time, we’re not against having sponsors – we want to give exposure to your teams sponsors,  just not on racing apparel. Our goal is to mimic the current practices of official high school sports and have apparel worn during the race that features only the school name or mascot. At our races, every team will have a large area within the Pit Zone where a team tent, tools, bikes, coolers, etc. will reside. Within this space, you can display logos on a team tent, or put large placards or banners on display in your team Pit Zone area. You can also display logos prominently on your team web site and in newsletter updates or presentations. You could also sell team t-shirts to be worn at school, in practices, around town, etc., that could display whatever logos you want.
  6. Are there guidelines for using NICA or Idaho League logos on jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, tents, banners, flags, etc? 
    Yes, please refer to the NICA Graphic Standards Guide, Team Graphics regarding color and placement of logos. Keep in mind that our “no company or manufacturer logo” policy on jerseys, t-shirts, or shorts worn in races is an Idaho League-specific policy not reflected in the NICA Graphic Standards Guide (pdf)

Thank you.

Mike Perry
Executive Director
Idaho High School Cycling League