The Arkansas NICA League is committed to building strong bodies, minds, and character in student-athletes by instilling good stewardship in individuals and teams.


  1. Tracking:  All bike-related volunteer hours must be tracked through the pit zone.  Volunteer hours must be quantified by ¼ hour blocks. Hours must be submitted by the weekly deadline of 11:59pm Wednesday nights, beginning 10 days before the first race of the season. Hours can begin accruing a week after the previous NICA season and need to be entered in the pit zone once it opens in April.  Annually, stewardship points tracking will conclude on the Wednesday 10 days before the originally scheduled date for the AR Finals weekend. 
  2. Points
    1. Individual Points: Riders can earn up to 25 bonus points toward their year end individual score. By doing one of two things: 
      1. Hours accrued in trail maintenance work or bike-related volunteerism will award points in the following manner. 25 points max. Hour 1-4 = 5 points each Hours 5-9 = 1 point each. Volunteer hours may be completed during official team practices, at local trail club work days, with local biking or bike-related races and events, and must be verified by a coach and the trail work or event organizer. 
      2. A Student Athlete can pursue the TTC Captain award and receive 2 bonus points for each of the Speak, Respect, and Ride patches earned. This status must be achieved annually in order to qualify for bonus points in the current season. 
      3. All bonus points will be applied at the end of the season, along with the attendance bonus, to the rider’s current race category and will be added to any race points totals in order to crown the end of season race champions. 

Team Stewardship Ranking: Team Stewardship Points will be awarded based on the average amount of volunteer hours per student athlete team member. The calculation=total amount of hours the team riders work during the course of the current season divided by the number of riders on the roster as of September 1 of the current year. Middle School and High School Teams will be ranked based on the averages.


Looking to get more involved in the mountain biking community? Sign up to be a part of Arkansas  NICA’s inaugural Teen Trail Corps cohort. Teen Trail Corps (TTC) is a NICA program supported by REI and the Walton Foundation, providing NICA student athletes the opportunity to serve and give their time towards bike advocacy related activities. 

We are looking for a small group of students to participate in bi-weekly Zoom calls to learn more about the TTC program and work toward earning badges based on International Mountain Bike Associations values Speak, Build, Respect and Ride. Those who complete the program will have achieved Teen Trail Corp Captain status and will have increased skills in bike advocacy, trail maintenance, and community service. 

In addition to giving back to the biking community you will have the opportunity to earn prizes, bonus race points and awards. Completing the TTC program  and earning Team Trail Captain status will require a time commitment ranging between 16 – 64 hours with work on the program finishing in mid-October. If you are interested in becoming more involved please fill out the application. The first meeting will be on Monday, August 17.

Some resources or groups where you can get volunteer hours:

Ozark Off Road Cyclists (OORC)

Friends of Arkansas Single Track (FAST)

Oz Trails Off-Road 

Bike Alliance Northwest Arkansas

Central Arkansas Trail Alliance