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Post Leaders Summit Communication


Kyla and I and the rest of our NICA Staff cannot thank you enough for all of you who attended our 2020 Leader Summit.   Many of you that were not able to attend followed us on social media, and we hope you got to see some of the magic that was happening.   In the spirit of NICA Adventure we hope you have had a few moments to reflect and think about the Summit and what your next steps in your NICA journey are.  Our League staff, in addition to all of you wonderful volunteer coaches are poised to work together to get #morekidsonbikes. I would like to reiterate. NONE of this is possible without you!

We hope that you take a moment to help us make our Leader Summit better each year by providing some feedback using the attached survey.   Take Survey HERE

If you did not get your certificate for some reason for completing the Leader Summit or accompanying 101 session, please contact or to get your copy.

We promised we would share the information discussed and presentations.  You can view the presentations and PDF of the breakout sessions by clicking Presentations Here

Our Coach Supporters and NICA Staff are working behind the scenes leading up to the season to make your coaching journey the best possible from a skills and training aspect.   We are posting more 101 and 201 trainings, in addition to Wilderness First Aid and NICA Approved 8 hour First Aid courses weekly in eventbrite and at Coach Resources from page. 

For our 2020 Season we will be bringing back Monthly “Coaches Calls”.   These calls are meant to be informative open discussions for you coaches to continue having discussions on things that matter most to you regarding your teams. They will occur on the first Wednesday of every month at 8 pm CST 605-313-4185 Access Code 165104.   We will record the calls and share them for anyone who did not attend. You will also continue to see the Coaches News releases coming to you regularly with up to date information and being shared on the Arkansas NICA Coaches Facebook page as well as being emailed to all registered Coaches.

Check out to nominate your 2020 GRiT ambassador. Please nominate your ambassador by March 31. . This ambassador is a female student on your team that would make a great leader in helping get more girls involved with NICA and helping make sure every girl on your team has a great time.

You may be asking “what’s next?” From a timeline perspective, April 1st is approaching quickly which means Pitzone will be open to invite student athletes.   .

We will be sharing a separate communication regarding Ability Based Racing and the categories next week that will have more detailed information regarding category placements and will also be a main topic of discussion on the first Coaches Call in April.  2020 Arkansas League Calendar of Events.

Lastly, as a national organization and a league we are monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and as we get closer to the pre-season and planned events we will make decisions regarding those events and communicate broadly.  In the meantime, here is the current guidance from NICA for head coaches and teams. Please visit for more information regarding these important safety concerns

Many thanks to you all, 

Kyla and Terry

Race 4 Call Ups


Link to Call Ups

Race 4 Coaches Call Notes and Recording


Link to Notes and Recording

Race 3 Call Ups



Coaches Call Notes and Recording


Link to Notes and Recording

Coaches Forum Recording

Call date: 10/9/19

Topics covered: Recapping races with teams after race experiences, coaching to different ability levels.

Recording Link

Call Ups Race 2

Posted 9/26/19

Coaches Call Notes

Posted 9/25

Link to NOTES


Preliminary Call Ups Race 2

Posted 9/25/19

Fill out the maintain your place form by Thursday at noon for student athletes who missed race 1.

Race 2 Coaches Call Wednesday 9/25 at 8 pm

Posted 9/24/19

Mandatory attendance for each team – we will be going over important details about the NICA Weekend.
Conference Call Number: 6053134185
Access Code: 165104
We will record the call for playback later. Will post the link on the coaches news and the coaches Facebook group.

Agenda will follow the Weekend Schedule:

  • Volunteering
  • Course updates
  • Adventure Plan (12:00 beginner start)
  • PreRide
  • Community Activities
  • Camping – parents required
  • Parking and Load/Unload Zone
  • Waves, Callups, and Starts
  • Course and Infield Teardown – Girls Riding Together course teardown meet at 1:00 by the trailer.
  • Awards – NICA Spirit Award Addition

Remaining Calls for the Season
October 16
October 30

We have a couple new things for Race 2:

1) NICA Spirit Award

We are discontinuing the small teams award and adding a NICA Spirit Award to better reflect our goals with that award. The NICA spirit award will be awarded to 3 student athletes, teams, coaches, volunteers, or groups that exhibit the NICA mission and values. We will have nomination forms at the volunteer tent and at the race results board – turn them in to Kyla or Glenn. We are excited to be able to highlight people that are doing good work across our community – so keep your eyes open for that!

NICA Mission – We build strong bodies, minds, character, and communities through cycling.
NICA Values: Fun, Inclusive, Equity, Respect, Community

2) Staging Call Ups

Staging call ups for those who preregister will be assigned based on finish from Race 1. If one of your student athletes had to miss Race 1 because of an unavoidable reason – injury, sickness, family emergency – or if they didn’t finish the race because of an injury, you can apply to maintain their call up position from Race 1 by having filling out the maintain your place form. If they didn’t preregister for the race, their call up position will be at the back. **All student athletes should know their row in the call up to expedite the staging process.**

Trail Work 8/24 @ Passion Play

Trail work from 9-11 am
Meet at the main parking lot past the amphitheater.
Teams are welcome to ride afterward!
What to bring:
Rakes, loppers, gloves – if you have them

It would be awesome if a few adults are willing to run weedeaters.

Coaches Call 8/21

Here is a link to the notes.

Here is a link to the recording.

Conference Call Schedule In-Season

8 pm on Wednesday Nights

August 7
August 21
September 4
September 25
October 16
October 30

Call Number:  (605) 313-4185  Access Code 165104

8/7/19 Recording Link

Coaches Conference Call Notes 5/29/19

101/201 –
June 8 – 201 @ Hobbs or Conway
July – 101 classes
Adding 101 on June 8 and June 4 (links below)

June 4

June 8

Still working on new contacts for teaching WFA. Will have results by next week.
Front country first aid is 8 hour course.
CPR – Bonnie Adams in NW Arkansas can teach class if you get 4 people.<> 919.939.1408

Incentive –
Designs coming out next week.
Becci’s idea – after so many hours, waive fees for level 2 or 3 coaches
Scholarship application – to include coaches

Loaner Bike Program –
Application out on
We want kids on these bikes!  30 bikes available, only 8 taken so far!

Preseason Events –
Arkansas Arts Academy – Yoga class last weekend
Haas Hall – fun, engaging, low key activities.  Building up to doing more skills.

Questions –
Adventure activities the month before race season.
Registration – how do we move kids from one team to another?
Spring Hill – extra work days before

Hobbs State Park Grand Opening June 8
June 8 @ 9 am – Skills Park Opening.
Then go ride the new Monument Trails!

Pre-Season Activity Form

Fill this out to get your preseason activities approved:


NICA On The Bike Skills Classes

7 May 2019

Click below to enroll in NICA On-the-Bike Skills 201 and 101 Classes

For additional needs, or to chat about your team, contact

June 8th 201 Hobbs State Park

Bike Loaner Program Information

Information on the 2019 Bike Loaner Program and application is up on the website!

Here is the coaches guide.

Coach Newsletter – Lots of Information


Coaches, Just a reminder that we are trying to get a idea of where and when we can do some 101/201 coaching before the season starts. Please help us by completing/updating this 101/201 worksheet to help us identify who and where our needs for OTB skills are so we can support you. I am currently working on WFA and we are also working on some of our own NICA being certified to teach the First Aid portion to complete Level 2 requirements. More info to come on where/when these opportunities will be. Just a reminder for those not at leader summit, a Level 1 coach is not certified to “lead” a ride, so we need to make sure we are moving coaches that are capable of leading rides to a Level 2 status.

If you have any questions on the process, levels and requirements please let me know.

101/201 Preseason interest form

Terry Coddington
Arkansas NICA Coaching Director

Pit Zone Open!

The Pit Zone is open for 2019 registration for Coaches and Student Athletes! Head Coaches can re-invite coaches and student athletes to the Pit Zone.

New this year for coaches is an interface with a learning management software (LMS) called Litmos. If you have any questions contact

For Student Athletes moving between schools, contact

Team Coordinators

One of our league goals this year is to help teams organize themselves to share the load across more coaches, parents or community members. This season, Arkansas League will have special training and communication for 3 roles on each team:
* Stewardship Coordinator – to champion stewardship and trail work on the team
* Fundraising Coordinator – to coordinate team effort for league-wide raffle fundraiser (funds generated will be split between the teams and league) and team-specific fundraising
* Events Coordinator – to help organize the team’s participation in races and other events
* Girls Champion – to help champion girls initiatives on the team

These volunteers should be not be the head coach, but could be other coaches on the team that want to take a larger role or parents or community members that want to help get #morekidsonbikes in their community. We will gather the contact info in February, so be thinking of people in your team or community that would be able to fill these roles.


Team Adventure Day

NICA’s Spring Team Adventure is a day filled with fun, learning, team building, and memories! We will have group rides at Hobbs State Park, team games, workshops to choose from, scavenger hunts, and more.

Our goal for this event is to give every students the opportunity to be on their bike, get connected with their team, learn something new, and understand that no matter the skill level or age we are all equal and accepted, so join us on this awesome day and let’s have an adventure together!

Who: Arkansas NICA Teams
Where: Hobbs State Park, Townsend Ridge Parking Lot
When: May 4, 2019, 9 am – 5 pm
Cost: Free

9:00 am – 9:30 Arrival/Check In
9:30 am: Trail Building with OORC (3 Volunteer Hours!)
12:30 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm – 4:45 pm Team Building Activities and Adventure Rides on Trails
5:00 pm Depart from Hobbs

Teams will need to opt in for the afternoon portion of the day. Anyone can participate in the morning portion of the day. All coaches need to be registered and official in the pit zone. Student Athletes may sign the participation waiver to come.

Coach actions:
Decide if your team will participate.
Collect registration information on registration sheet and email to by May 1.

Arkansas NICA Day at the Ballpark

Arkansas NICA is excited to partner with the Arkansas Naturals for a day at the Ballpark on May 19.

Teams will elect to participate or not, but this could be a cool practice to ride bikes to the ballpark, ride around the ballpark, and then watch the baseball game!

Each team (or each student athlete) can fill out the form and return completed form and checks/cash for tickets to on by May 4. Information is on

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Joe Falcon is going to host a 30 minute phone conversation with Arkansas NICA coaches or Student Athletes that want to start FCA on their team.

Below are the discussion points for the call.
Introduction of FCA to the coaches
Describe what a huddle looks like during the season
What role/support FCA will provide for the coaches
The commitment of FCA to the fall race series
The vision of a summer 2020 FCA Mountain Bike camp
Joe’s commitment to NICA & FCA and the next steps for those that are interested

Schedule 2019

April 1 – Pit Zone Opens
May 4 – Team Adventure Day @ Hobbs State Park
May 19 – Day at the Ballpark
May 24 – Trail Work Day @ Hobbs State Park (with OORC)
June 1 – Trail Work Day @ Hobbs State Park (with OORC)

July 1 – Official Season Start
September 8 – Race 1, Spring Hill, Barling
September 29 – Race 2, Great Passion Play, Eureka Springs
October 20 – Race 3, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bentonville
November 3 – Race 4, Cedar Glades Park, Hot Springs

Uniforms Info:


Primal is the Arkansas League sponsor.  I’ve personally enjoyed working with them over the years.  Check out their info/products/price list here.

Teams are welcome to use whatever vendor they like for uniforms.  Matching shirts are required for races – but that can be as simple as a PE shirt from the school.

If you get a custom jersey made, please put the new AR NICA logo on both sleeves and back center.  No sponsor logos are allowed on race jerseys.

Logo files to put on jerseys can be found here.

Need NICA On-The-Bike Skills 101/201?

Please fill out the simple form here so I can plan on how we will meet your teams needs (please add your names to the list and do not delete any.  add spaces if needed):

Post Leaders’ Summit Instructions & Information


We cannot thank you enough for attending our recent Leader Summit.  As promised we are going to share all the presentations and provide the information to you that we went over in the summit.   Additionally,  please help us improve our Leader Summit each year by taking the brief survey attached in this email.  The evaluation can be completed online here by clicking the link: Survey

Access Leaders’ Summit Materials NOW! All of the collateral promised to you during Leaders’ Summit can be found here. 2019 Leader Summit Presentations. Items are provided in a “view only” format meaning you need to download them to your computer, thumb drive, or google drive if you’d like to do more than read them. This folder contains all of the supplemental documents that were referred to during the conference. If you have any photos from the Leaders’ Summit please feel free to upload them to share with others.  

Find links to the 101 and 201 Manuals in your email follow up.

Prerequisite Webinars: There are a few webinars that are mandatory for anyone working with student-athletes as a component of the NICA licensing program. If you were unable to watch the presentations ahead of the conference, or for those coaches that you recruit moving forward, please use the following links to the webinars. **REMINDER: Litmos will go live when the Pit Zone open on April 1st.  With Litmos, you will be able to complete your Risk Management and NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy webinars and tests in Litmos and your test results will AUTOMATICALLY be uploaded into your Pit Zone profile.  If you do complete the training using the links listed below, you will still be able to upload those completed requirements into your Pit Zone account.**

Risk Management 1 Video (35 Minutes) and Risk Management 1 TEST  Remember to take a screenshot of your test results to upload into your Pit Zone profile.

NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy and NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy Test **REMINDER** This is a new ANNUAL requirement for ALL coaches.  Because the Spring season is active, we are unable to adjust the Pit Zone to show the requirement until June – **please complete this training PRIOR to June to avoid having your license level dropped when the Pit Zone activates the requirement for all licenses.**

CDC Concussion Course: As part of the NICA Coach License Program we require all coaches to complete the NFHS: Concussion in Sports annually. This is a free, online course available to coaches, parents and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. Click Here to complete the course, It is required annually. Upload your Certificate of Completion (digital certification the CDC provides once the training has been completed) directly to your coach license in the NICA Pit Zone.

Team and Coach Registration: The Pit Zone is open on April 1 for registration. Team and individual profiles remain as they were at the end of the 2017 season; simply verify the information is still accurate (update as needed) and complete the applicable waivers and fees. Once team registration is complete, team directors can invite new coaches and riders. There is also a “Re-invite Coaches / Riders to the New Season” function that team directors can utilize to prompt last year’s coaches and riders to register for the new season. If you are a new team, send an email to: for the invitation to register.

For help with the Pit Zone you can check out the Pit Zone Manual as well as the Pit Zone FAQs Pitzone FAQ

Background Check: As discussed, NICA cannot accept other background checks per its risk management policy, unless you already have a Complete (Level 3) background check with Verified Volunteer – which may be shared with NICA using their “Fast Pass” option through your Verified Volunteers online account. As of October 1, 2018, all adults working with NICA student-athletes must conduct an annual online background check as part of the registration process each season through the Pit Zone.

Insurance Reminder: Please be aware that you, your team members and volunteers are not covered by the league’s insurance until you have completed both the coaching and team registration process. Furthermore, while the regular season does not officially begin until July 1, you are allowed up to six (6) pre-season activities between April 1 and June 30. Please review the Team Training Limits in the NICA Rulebook (Appendix B) and complete the Pre-Season Activity Form located here: Pre-Season Activity Form at least five (5) days prior to your first planned activity.

But wait there is more!!!

As we discussed during the summit, we encourage you to progress in licensure levels and become familiar with the NICA Coach License Program. Leaders’ Summit attendance is a Level 3 licensing requirement. Please note that the first time a coach attends a Leaders’ Summit or NICA On-the-Bike Skills 101 training the credit is applied to the licensing requirement: Leaders’ Summit to the Level 3 requirement, NICA On-the-Bike Skills 101 to the Level 2 requirement. Any time a coach attends a subsequent Leader’s Summit or NICA On-the-Bike Skills 201, 301, or repeated 101 Clinic, that attendance will be applied to CEUs.

To receive credit for attending this Leaders’ Summit (a Level 3 requirement), or to receive credit for any NICA License requirements, including First Aid, WFA, NICA On-the-Bike Skills, or CEUs, please upload your certificates in the PitZone.

NICA Coach Training doesn’t end here. Throughout the season you should continue to discuss NICA risk management practices and other training with your coaches and coach supporters!

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out and take advantage of the NICA Coach Benefits to that are there to reward and recognize you for your service to our student athletes and communities.   Coach Benefits

Kyla Templeton, League Director,
Terry Coddington, Coaching Director,